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"A must go for anyone visiting Bangkok" March 12, 2015 - A TripAdvisor Traveler More Than 1 Review Every 3 Days! Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School Bangkok
Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

10 AM – 2 PM Class

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok 

 10 AM - 2 PM Class is:

A) Thailand's lowest cost per dish taught (under 200 baht per dish learned).

B) Where you learn in a single class what takes 3 classes elsewhere (12 dishes) 

1) Tom Yum Paste,  

2)  Spicy Sour Soup .. Tom Yum Clear, 

3) Tom Yum Creamy, 

4) Pad Thai, 

5-7) Green Curry Paste, change this ingredient to that ingredient and you have yellow curry paste or  red curry paste, 

8) Green Curry Chicken, 

9) Holy Basil Chicken, 

10) {the World's #1 curry} Massaman Curry Chicken, 

11) Green Papaya Salad, 

12) {the World's #7 desert} Sticky Rice Mango

+ 13) in class special requests (when ingredients are available an time allows for same).

C) Earth's Trip Advisor cooking class 4 year, 5 year, and 6 year review record with over 1100 reviews as of January 2018.  

D) Trip Advisor's Thailand #1 cooking class. #1 everyday since 2011!

E) Classes are taught in English. Chef LeeZ is thought to have the best English of all Native Thai cooking class instructors. She speaks; Thai, Laos, English, and some Mandarin. 

F) Thailand's only cooking class that includes the schools recipe book (free on line) access with every registration.

Watch the video below and check out G) Thailand's largest cooking class venue over 90 sq meters of classrooms). Classrooms (a & b) are stainless steel and air conditioned as ingredient prep classrooms  and classroom (c) is our individual cooking stations classroom. 

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You arrange your taxi ride to us. See our Bangkok taxi services page for detailed taxi options.  We will call a taxi for you for your trip to your next destination or you could add an adventure to your experience by going to your next destination by commuter canal boat.

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok cooking school, is only 30 minutes to either of Bangkok's airports. If you like you may bring your luggage to class and go directly to the airport after class.

All classes start on time. Class begins with an introduction to the ingredients used in class. You then prepare your first dish ingredients, then you are guided through cooking them, then you eat them. You repeat this for each dishes.

If you have a dietary restrictions (vegan. vegetarian, allergies, don't like or don't eat) simply advise your Chef in class of your dietary restrictions and your dish ingredients will be adjusted to your specific needs (i.e. tofu & mushrooms in place of meats).

Plan to arrive early please be in your taxi by 9 AM.  See our directions page for detailed instruction and interactive maps and recommended taxi services. Be sure to print our directions page and present same to your driver as our mapped route is the shortest route and no toll roads.

Group Class Menu Set is the Same Every Day. You Learn in a single Chef LeeZ class what takes three classes elsewhere and you do so at Thailand's lowest cost per dish learned! Under 200 baht per dish learned!

1) Tom Yum Paste
2) & 3) Spicy Sour Soup .. Tom Yum Clear & Creamy
4) Pad Thai
5) - 7) Green Curry Paste (Change this ingredient to that ingredient and you have yellow curry paste or red curry paste)
8) Green Curry Chicken
9) Holy Basil Chicken
10) Massaman Curry Chicken
11) Green Papaya Salad
12) Sticky Rice Mango
13+) in class student request(s)

Do you have a special Thai cuisine dish not included above? Simply request it in class and if ingredients are on site it will, if at all possible, be added to the class.


Semi-Private Class 3 PM - 6 PM (min. 6 students)- Class Details.


Private Class 3 PM - 6 PM (min. 13 students) - Class Details.


Reservation Terms and Conditions:

By completion of  your reservation you state you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions. 

  1. I have read the related class reservation page: Group Class, Semi Private Class, or Private Class
  2.  All students at Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School Class waive any and all right to any form of compensation for use of video or pictures they may be in, or any injury or property loss, they may experience while at Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School Class and or its group of companies classes.
  3. Class cancellation refunds require 5 days minimum advance notice of your reserved class date.
  4. You grant us permission to add you to our newsletter ( you can one click yourself from the newsletter on any newsletter) so we can email notify you of any changes to your reservation.
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