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Bangkok Canal Taxi

Full Water Taxi Route Information

Chef LeeZ Thai cooking school in Bangkok suggests, for adventurous and physically able people, Bangkok's Canal Taxi as an optional way to return to your room or to go to your next destination.

It is cheap (20 baht) and you can get off at any of the piers offering touristy points of interest from Wats to Pantip Plaza ( BKK's 4 story I.T. Mall).

From our school you would grab a song tauw for 7  baht and ride it approximately  15 minutes to the short walk to either of the piers one being before Bang Kapi, market pier or the bang kapi market / mall pier.  There is an everybody get off and change boats at the pantip plaza mall pier. you just show your ticket stub on the new boat and continue to your desired get off point.

The canal boat runs all the way to Victory mall ( near Khao San Rd. or the Grand Palace or China Town or Wat Poh.

Cautions are: getting on and off the boat requires some agility so take care hang onto the rope while boarding or disembarking. The seats are spaced for short legged Thai's so if possible try to seat at the front behind the driver. Have your camera ready as lots of picture ops on this ride. Keep you mouth shut as you don't want this canal water to splash into your mouth.

We do not recommend you come to the school by canal boat but it is an interesting, adventurous way to return to your room or to go to your next destination.

In any event a visit to Bangkok without this experience is an incomplete Bangkok experience!

A few Canal Taxi Use Tips

– Try to avoid rush hour as the boats and piers can get very crowded. Mid-day would be the best. You would be travelling the opposite direction of the commuter traffic when leaving our school.

– Do not sit at the back of the boat as the engine can kick up water and mist from the dirty canal and splash into your face (not very refreshing, at all) and heavy odors of burnt diesel.

– If you sit along the edges for a scenic view make sure you pull up the plastic blue cover to protect you from a dirty splash of the canal.

– If it is raining beware of the slippery pier as you can easily fall and injure yourself or even worse fall into the dirty black abyss of the canal.

– Make sure you know the name of the pier you are headed to in Thai, best to have it written in Thai to show the Bangkok water taxi.

– If you are not in decent physical condition best not to travel on the Bangkok water taxis as you must climb in and out of the boats.

– At Pratunam pier you must exit the boat. If you are continuing along the canal exit the boat and wait for the next one to take you further (just follow the crowd).

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