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Bangkok Taxi Services

Bangkok Taxi Services

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok

I wish to open with a sincere apology on behalf of all the good Bangkok taxi drivers (approximately 18%) that will, for a tourist, run you anywhere and use the meter, take you the most direct route and run full sized tires thus operating fully within Bangkok’s taxi laws.

Unfortunately if you are a tourist 5 out of 6 of Bangkok taxi services will take full advantage of this, especially if you let them! Always, always, have your taxi run the meter or have an agreed to non-meter fare before accepting a taxi ride. Your fare to Chef LeeZ should be 130 to 200 baht and the ride should be 30 to 45 minutes being the same time and cost as getting our previous school location or possibly 10 minutes longer.

Report a Bangkok Taxi to the Land Transport Department Hotline on ph # 1584. You will need a picture of the taxi #.


Alternately before paying what you believe is a rip off taxi ride you can tell your driver to call Thai tourist police or you can call them (ph # 1155) and most taxi drivers will not want to sit and wait for the tourist police and they will usually settle for a lesser fare.

GPS destination input: Long. 13.801788, Lat. 100.668758 will take you to Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Google’s location marker but you will have to right click the marker and then click on the what’s near option to see Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok school info.

The following are some taxi service options to BKK’s city taxi (the “Mafia Taxi”).

Taxi OK (has no website presence) but their booking app (DLT Taxi OK) is available for download to your mobile device and is a January 2018 addition to Bangkok Taxi services. This is a Gov’t sponsored initiative as an alternative to the other Taxi services as a result of the continuous stream of complaints on taxis saying no to trips and refusing to operate the meter.  Taxi OK  does run the meter. They do operate GPS and show the GPS route on a large screen for all to see.  The meter will start at the normal rate (January 2018) of THB35 plus a 20 baht booking fee, and as soon as the passengers hop on their ride, their information will be sent to the taxi center of Department of Land Transport (DLT), who will record the pick-up and drop-off locations, fares, travel time, and even collect a snapshot of the passengers for safety reasons.  NOTE: Show your driver our location map and say no toll roads as coming by GPS “Google maps” will likely bring you to us by outer ring Rd. (Hwy 9) and that is an extra 10 km and adds toll road fees. 

All Thai Taxi  is a relatively new venture between Nock Air and Toyota.  You can phone them for a pick up or download their app (20 baht booking fee). They will locate your destination by GPS co-ordinates Long. 13.801788, Lat. 100.668758. Their taxi is usually a new Prius that is GPS monitored, the cab is 24 hour camera monitored, their drivers are salaried (no reason to run you around in circles) and they use google maps to arrive at your destination and run the meter.

Grab Taxi  Download the Grab Taxi app to your mobile device and note they may require cash payment.  Also note they are charging the estimate sent you when requesting the taxi whether they run the meter or not.  This estimate is almost always 50% more than a city cab running the meter would be. This makes them the second biggest rip off taxi service right behind UBER.

Uber Taxi  Uber may well be Bangkok’s biggest rip off taxi service!

Download Uber app and note they require credit card payment UBER WARNING – our in class student feedback form indicates UBER will charge up to 300% more than their competitors SO KNOW WHAT UBER will charge you before accepting their ride (it should be near 200 baht) Recently 8 student private class came by two different taxi’s one group came by Uber the second group came by Grab Taxi. Both rides took the same amount of time. Uber taxi group was ripped off for 886 baht while the Grab Taxi group paid 250 baht. 80% of Uber users report not knowing the fare charged to their credit card! Know your Uber fare (especially if no meter) before accepting the ride and request a receipt!

Uber Warning!  UBER drivers may be operating without proper taxi driver drivers licence and the vehicle is most likely not registered with the city as a taxi and they may well be operating without vehicle insurance permitting carrying passengers for compensation and if improperly insured and if you should be in an accident you will find yourself S.O.L. for auto accident related insurance claims as a passenger in such an Uber taxi.

Easy Taxi  This is an on line application but they may have an android store or an apple store app as well.

T.I.T. (This is Thailand)  you will be ripped off every step of your trip if you make it easy for them to rip you off. You need to insist that taxis run their meter or you have an agreed price before getting in a taxi. Our experience is taxis that will not run the meter for you will cost you up to 500% more than a taxi running the meter and if, on the meter, they offer you a shortcut, say no short cut, as they are going to drive up the meter.

Present your driver with our directions map and follow the map.

All Thai Taxi, Uber and Grab Taxi use GPS to find the taxi nearest you and to know your destination (they will not run a GPS to take you to your destination, no Thai taxi does).

The regular BKK city taxi services have earned the nick name the “Mafia Taxi” because as a whole they ignore the taxi laws of BKK and refuse rides, decline to use the meter, run undersized tires (increases the meter 10+%) and they will run you around in circles to drive up the meter. If you elect to use the Mafia Taxi, as a tourist, you can expect to have to ask 5 or 6 taxis to get one to run the meter for you and or accept taking you to your destination.

Taxi OK is the only service using GPS (January 2018) to get you to your destination. All services providing fare estimations use rush hour traffic scenarios and are therefore not accurate  for your non rush hour opposite direction of commuter traffic taxi ride to Chef LeeZ. Your ride to us should be 30 to 45 minutes and should be a fare of 150 to 220 baht.

If you have your tourist camera out and visible when requesting a taxi ride you can take a picture of the license plate and report the taxi to Thai tourist police if the driver should decline to take you to your destination or decline to run the meter.

You can reduce your BKK taxi frustration simply by using a taxi service other than BKK City Taxi.

Bangkok Water Taxi – Commuter Canal Taxi – We do not recommend it to come to the school as it can take near 2 hours including to the taxi from your room to the canal + 1 hr on the water taxi + 5 minute walk to taxi stand + 15 minute in taxi to us. Having said this it is an adventurous way to go to your after class destination when you do not have a deadline, so to speak.

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