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Chef LeeZ – Educational Garden

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Educational Garden - Aerial view from balcony

Introducing The Educational Gardens of

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok

Arrive early and before class wander our Educational Gardens or alternately you can wander them after class while waiting for your taxi to arrive.  Eventually the gardens will be incorporated into the group class structure.  Chef LeeZ Educational Gardens will always be in various stages of construction as this is Chef LeeZ 2nd passion. Her first passion being sharing her cooking knowledge!

The entire purpose of this garden is to show students how to grow a variety of plants in a small area. it is not intended to provide the cooking class with fresh ingredients. Having said this it will surely do so for a few of the smaller classes when the educational gardens produce is in season as already we can enjoy the taste difference of our organic fresh ingredients from those of the mass market.

We will be building a how to video selection related to gardening as our pool side demonstration garden progresses.

Take deep breath as you take in the 50+ orchids currently in the garden which is expected to be expanded to 100's of orchids.



Upside down Gardening - Chili peppers down side and some plant like cilantro has yet to be added to the upside. 

Upside Down Gardening allows for two plants to share the same pot of soil.

Our update on this experiment is that it has proven to be far less productive than potted plants requiring far more attention with watering far more often than expected 2 - 3 times daily.  The watering may be a Thailand thing due to the heat and humidity here. 

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok - Upside Down Gardening

Transplanting Plants

Making Potting Soil-Thai Style

Upside Down Gardening

Birds Eye Chili

How to Transplant

 Holy Basil

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok educational garden now includes 4 varieties of Mango by way of 12 different Mango trees.

How to plant fruit trees in a pot

Mango Trees - Part 1

How to plant fruit trees in a pot

Mango Trees - Part 2

Coming Soon: Hydroponics,  Aeroponics,  Aquaponics, Mushrooms, Vertical walls, Herb Gardens, Medicinal Gardens and more.

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