#1 Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok.Thailand's #1 Cooking School EVERY DAY since 2011!
"A must go for anyone visiting Bangkok" March 12, 2015 - A TripAdvisor Traveler More Than 1 Review Every 3 Days! Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School Bangkok
Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok


Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok:

  1. 10 AM to 2 PM Class is less than 8 students and yet we hold Trip Advisor's cooking school class 4 year and 5 year World review record! What's that tell you about class content and class delivery?
  2. Thailand Trip Advisor's #1 cooking class. #1 every day since 2011!
  3. is where you learn in a single, hands on, from scratch, group class what takes 3 classes elsewhere (12 dishes) and you do so at Thailand's lowest cost per dish learned (under 200 baht).

Detailed Directions, Interactive Map, and School Picture.

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Reservation Terms and Conditions:

By completion of  your reservation below you state you have read the following and agree to the terms and conditions. 

  1. I have read the related class reservation page: Group Class, Semi Private Class, or Private Class
  2.  All students at Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School Class waive any and all right to any form of compensation for use of video or pictures they may be in, or any injury or property loss, they may experience while at Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking School Class and or its group of companies classes.
  3. Class cancellation refunds require 5 days minimum advance notice of your reserved class date.
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10 AM to 2 PM Reservation

10 AM class is for everyone: singles, couples, or larger groups, vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, families with children, people with food allergies, virgin cooks and accomplished chefs are all part of nearly every group class. Click the 10 AM - 2 PM reservation button below to reserve this class.

You may, as a single or couple or small group,  join an already reserved Semi Private 3 PM to 6 Pm Class  by reserving at the the 10 am class rate for the same date and advising us by the contact us form of your reservation payment ID. First Check Semi Private Class details below for dates with reserved Semi Private Class you can join.

For a limited time all 10 AM class reservations are discounted from our regular rate of 2500 baht + 5% tax to 2200 baht + 5% tax. 

Semi-Private Class 3 pm to 6 pm

Requires a minimum of 6 students 

For a limited time all Semi Private class reservations are discounted from our regular rate of 2500 baht + 5% tax to 2100 baht + 5% tax. 

You, as a single or couple or small group, may join any semi private listed here: (April 3rd, 2017). Please read the semi private class description page and note that a Semi Private class menu can be different from the group class menu.  See our group class explanation above how you can join one of the above listed Semi Private Classes. 

Private Class 

Requires a minimum of 8 students

Over 20 students please contact us for rates.

For a limited time our regular Private class rate has been reduced from 2500 baht + 5% tax per student to 2000 baht + 5% tax.

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