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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“Just Like Grandma” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 968

“Just Like Grandma” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 968

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok in Bangkok Review 968


 Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
May 14, 2017   Reviewed by Natchaliti
I was a muddle head- Even though I’ve booked the wrong day, Chef leez and team were kind and understanding to let us choose another day of lesson which I’m very grateful for! We have been to another cooking school last year, but it differs to Chef Leez’s which I find more practical, smart and just like grandma’s cooking, Authentic. Chef Leez is experienced, knowledgeable, humble and sincere. She was engaging and the best bit, she is passionate about her craft and sharing the essence of traditional thai cooking. I’ll definitely come back again, for private lessons. We took an uber there and used the map as instructed on the site. The journey was a little over 30 min from asok.

Owners Response

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 968. For Thailands’ best cooking class you may have to travel a little further than the rest. Perhaps 10 minutes further. Do show your driver the map on our website as it is generally the shortest route from all popular tourist lodgings. See our Bangkok taxi services page for Bangkok taxi  options and warnings such as a non metered Uber taxi is generally more expensive (as much as 500% higher) than a metered taxi and Uber drivers may not have carry  passengers for compensation insurance. Chef LeeZ is Trip Advisors’ World cooking class review record holder. Now with near 1000 reviews. That’s an average of more than 1 review every 2nd day.


By Natchaliti

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