60 Harvests

60 Harvests

Only 60 Harvest Until Earth is a Desert!

Horizontal agricultural tillage is killing our soil and turning it into dirt (desertification)! The damage can be stopped and reversed!

Dirt – Earth’s Armageddon!

If we do not change our current farming practices our SOIL will become Dirt in less than 60 years. The farm harvests clock is now set at 60 harvests that’s 60 years when it is expected that 100% of the planet’s current productive soil will be dirt, desert. It’s called desertification.

Yup, science says … 60 harvest  ….  and then ………. no harvest on the planet Earth!

So why is this happening now?  Well, it’s not just happening now as it has been happening every year since tilling of soil was invented.  All the great civilizations of history crashed when their farming soil desertified and became non-productive dirt (desert).

The following Nasa video of CO2 in the atmosphere shows that every spring (March, April and May) when the northern hemisphere tills the soil The CO2 in the atmosphere increases.  It also shows how the CO2 emissions drop when the tilling is over and plants begin to grow.

CO2 Map levels

What is DIRT!

Dirt is the result of a destroying soil’s ecosystem. Horizontal tillage disrupts the soil’s ecosystem releasing carbon back into the air. This makes the microorganisms within this ecosystem more susceptible to pesticides and herbicides killing the needed microbes further crushing the ecosystem. It also disrupts the mini water ecosystem all over the planet as the plants release moisture into the air which returns as rain. Over a relatively short time, this creates dirt. Rain then runs off dirt like a stream and is gone shortly after the rain stops.  Dirt which is void of carbon and organisms does not support life.


Soil – Earth’s Savior!

What is Soil? Soil is a living vibrant ecosystem.  The plant separates Carbon dioxide CO2 from the atmosphere into carbon (C) and oxygen (O2) by photosynthesis. The oxygen (O) is released back into the air. The carbon (C) is sent into the soil via the plant roots. The microorganisms in the soil trap the carbon it in the soil and using it to make the food the plant requires to be healthy and productive.

So in a nutshell, soil is a vibrant living ecosystem. Verticle tillage of soil kills the ecosystem.

The Soil Solution to CO2 green house gasses

What is verticle tillage?

The good news is Vertical Tillage.

What is vertical tillage?  Vertical tillage splits the surface just enough for the seed to drop in. This results in a relatively small disruption of the soil’s ecosystem. The roots of older plants remain undisturbed. They contain carbon held by the microbes from past years. The roots of the new growth plants can now access this food source and be productive.  It is scientifically proven that in as little as 30 years the soil tilled by vertical tillage will remove almost all the CO2 created on Earth past and present and put it back into the ground as carbon and the air as oxygen.  ONLY 30 years to Earth’s planet recovery from CO2 pollution!

So what’s the problem with educating food producers? Why is vertical tillage not the standard?

Desertification can be reversed


The Netflix Documentary – “Kiss The Ground

Photos and videos – Nasa