New Normal

COVID – New Normals


Sick in Hospital Bedis a collection of stories presented as individual Google web-stories providing conversational insights.

We hope this series works to raise your Awareness of NEW NORMALS, raise questions and awareness of the meaning of potential future basic rights losses as previously guaranteed in such documents as the U.S.A. constitution.

BE AWARE once politians can change constitutions the human rights therein may be lost forever.

Freedoms to gather in protest (unless in favour of the current governing power), freedom of free speech, freedom to visit hospitalized patients. Changes now like these may result in never returning to what was once upon a time a basic constitutional right!

Thailand Government pays 50% of street food purchases


Thailand Gov’t, in a response to COVID 19, has set up and made available to all its citizens a system allowing merchants to sell to citizens for 50% of the cost with the merchant receiving 50% coming from the gov’t.

New Normal 1 – Some New Normals Are

This story is the first in a series of stories addressing some of the NEW NORMALS we have experienced and continues to experience now and into the future the current COVID 19 human experience.

New Normal 2 – Gov’t silently removing old protections


You voted ….  for someone to LOOKOUT for your interests … but you got people that will sell you out in a blink of an eye.

FYI – Tests on humanized wild monkeys have proven they wait to steal from you when you are not looking.  Just as AB Canada UCP Government did when they rescinded the 1976 Coal act and started selling off The previously protected Ab Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  There is no such thing as an honest politician! UCP has taken a back step on this issue and reinstated the old protections act “But with changes to follow”.  Beware of these changes! It is a separate story yet to be written .. but elections need to change! they can no longer win with less than 50% of the popular vote! That’s also another story that offers a solution.

New Normal 3 – In Canada you can die alone in a hospital!


Is Covid 19 Virus truly require your family to die alone in hospital? Canada thinks it’s OK.  My question is this If the ordinary mask prevents teh spread of COVID 19 then why is not good enough for a hospital?  If they are not functional for the hospital then how can they be functional for your daily interactions? Why are Canadian Hospitals not offering N-95 rated masks for sale at a fair price at their receptionist desk to clean-shaven (masks must fit tight to the face to be effective) family members so their visit can boost the recovering patients’ desire to fight and win. This has for a long time been standard recovery requirements within hospitals.