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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Chef LeeZ – Location Directions

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Remember you are a tourist and you will likely need to ask 5 or 6 taxis to run the meter before you find one that will run the meter.  Your ride should not exceed 45 minutes and should not cost more than 200 baht on the meter. Many taxi drivers do not know all of Bangkok so if they say no it is likely they only know their neighborhood.

Coming To Chef LeeZ is as easy as saying:

"Seri Thai Rd., Soi 57 by meter" (show your driver our directions map) 2 km up Soi 57 watch for Alley 65 (Right hand side of road and marked with yellow Chef LeeZ Banner) we are 100 meters at the end of the alley.  Call us 086 568 1311 if you would and we will have someone give him directions in Thai.  Use your phone or for 10 baht you can use your drivers phone.

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok is:

1) Thailand's lowest cost per dish learned (under 200 baht per dish learned).

2) Where you learn in a single class what takes 3 classes elsewhere (12 dishes learned)

3) Earth's Trip Advisor cooking school review record holder.

4) Trip Advisor's Thailand #1 cooking class every day since 2011 averaging more than 1 review every 2 days.

You arrange your taxi ride to us. We will call a taxi for you for your ride from the school to your next destination or you could get to your next destination by Bangkok's Canal Taxi.

Your in taxi ride should not take longer than 45 minutes and should not cost more than 220 baht (Use our directions map route below as it's shortest route and no Toll Roads)

Our in class student feedback form (100 surveys) suggests the following statistics: presenting our directions map (below) to their taxi driver will % of the time result in a ride time of 30 - 45  minutes {30 minutes (22%), 35 minutes (4%), 40 minutes (22%), 45 minutes (22%), 50 minutes (16%) The balance of the students did not show our map to their driver.  68% of the taxi fares were 130 to 250 baht. We find it interesting that the fares in excess of 250 baht did not present our map to their driver , and or were no meter agreed to fares and or were Uber taxi (also no meter and the cost unknown to our students).

Our classes start times are planned so you travel to us and return to your room travelling the opposite direction of the commuter traffic so you are not coming or leaving during rush hour traffic. Be in your taxi by 9:00 am and you will arrive with time to wander our educational gardens (currently under construction) or to simply relax in our air conditioned classroom having early bird choice of seating.

If your hotel concierge or reception clerk tells you our school is far away it is because Thai's consider anything more than 15 minutes from them to be far away or it is because they have a cooking school paying them a commission for sending them students. The school they recommend will never have been Thailand's #1 cooking school and your taxi ride will likely be only 10 minutes shorter and you will learn only 3 or 4 dishes instead the 12 dishes you learn in a single Chef LeeZ group class.

Please download or print our directions map (below) & present it to your driver (directions in Thai and English).

DO NOT USE GOOGLE MAPS DIRECTIONS PRINT OUT as IT WILL ADD 25% to your ride time and will likely have you come by toll roads.

Instead CLICK HERE.and Download or Print our directions map, shown above, as it is the most direct route NO TOLL ROADS and has directions in Thai & English. Our students, in class feedback survey advise us that presenting the map to their taxi driver results in a ride time of 30 - 45 minutes and an on the meter fare of 165 - 220 baht.

Taxi GPS coordinates are 13.801788 100.668758. A maps.google.com search with these co-ordinates gives you our actual location marker you will then have to click on the Chef LeeZ link on the bottom of page for more Chef LeeZ details. The GPS co-ordinates shown on our Google my business page are also incorrect and if used will take you near us but not to us. The link below does take you to our correct location but the GPS co-ordinates within the link are not correct.

Taxi Services to Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class

GPS destination input: Long. 13.801788, Lat. 100.668758 will take you to our location marker but you will have to right click the marker and then click on the what's near option to see the school info.

You are a tourist and BKK regular taxi services will take full advantage of this, if you let them! Always, Always have your taxi run the meter or have an agreed to non meter fare before accepting a taxi ride. Your fare to Chef LeeZ should be 130 to 200 baht and the ride should be 30 to 45 minutes being 10 minutes longer than our previous school location.

Bangkok's Taxi Services

Reduce your BKK city taxi frustration, use All Thai Taxi, Grab Taxi, Easy taxi or Uber taxi

Chef Leez Thai Cooking School
+66 (0) 86 568 1311