Team Building Class In Bangkok

Our Bangkok school venue comfortably seats 50+ students in a stainless steel air-conditioned classroom.


We provide several pre-designed options for your Team Building Cooking Class. Let us know if you are desiring something not offered on this page. Every person in the class receives a handout of the recipes for the class and a coupon code for their FREE access to our 70 + online recipe book called Recipe Club and our recipe-related how-to videos (a 400 baht value).


If your group is 15 plus students you can select the start time of your 4-hour class provided your reservation payment clears before anyone else reserves the daily 10 am class on the date you desire. Otherwise, your class will be 3 PM – 6 PM or as per other special arrangements.  To include a market tour in a 3 PM class adds 1 hour to the class and we need to arrange group transportation to and from the market. There is an additional cost for the afternoon market tour.


The class cost is determined by the class option selected and the number of participants.


We will email you our invoice for your reservation when all is agreed on (option below selected and the cost for the class). Payment can be by Credit Card or PayPal plus a 5% surcharge (tax). We will email you your class reservation confirmation when your payment clears. You can save 5% by paying by a bank to bank transfer. International transfers take up to 7 days to clear. Thailand bank to Thailand bank transfer is usually the same day if done during banking hours and on a banking day.

Option 1 .. Team Building .. (minimum 8 persons) We hold a table by table (usually 4 – 5 person per table) friendly competition with a 5 dish menu set of the chef’s choice. The most common dishes for this class are tom yum soup, pad Thai, green curry chicken or sweet basil chicken, green papaya salad, mango sticky rice.

Chef shows the table selected head of each team all things relevant from ingredient selection, preparation and a demonstration of cooking the ingredients. Then the team leader has their group select the ingredients; dish by dish, do the ingredient preparation followed by the team selecting a team member to do the cooking, cooked one dish at a time … some corps like to add an extra challenge by having the tables change their team’s chef cooking with each dish. The team selected chef and aide then shares the dish they just cooked with the rest of their team. The class ends with the chef selecting the best overall table for presentation and taste. Your appointed judges will decide which team has best achieved your corporate team-building objective.

Option 2 … (minimum 8 persons) We provide your group with our world-famous, #1 for over 12 consecutive years, 12 dishes, Bangkok 10 AM cooking class experience as per the 10 am class menu. Everyone does ingredient preparation and cooking.  There is no intended competition. The class is designed to learn the techniques required for creating gourmet Thai Cuisine when your people return home.  Many corporations repeat this class annually as their team-building exercise.


Option 3 … if options 1 and 2 above are not what you are looking for please tell us what it is you desire for your private team-building class and we shall do our best to accommodate your request.

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