Do you offer live online cooking class?

What is the cost of the class?

Class costs vary by the class and by the season. Chef LeeZ is less than 200 baht per dish learned. Other Thailand schools average 300 to 400 baht per dish. See our reservation page for specific class date costs.

How Many dishes do you teach in a class?

We teach the same 12 dishes every day.  That takes 3 classes elsewhere.

Is the class a hands-on class?

Yes, very much so.  Please see our 10 am class page for a detailed class explanation.

How long has Chef LeeZ been Thailand's Trip Advisor # 1 school?

Every year since 2011!

How Long has Chef LeeZ been Trip Advisor's world cooking class review record holder?

Every year since 2014.

Do you have a recipe book?

Yes, in class every student receives a coupon code for FREE access to our online recipe book of over 70 meat & vegan Thai cuisine recipes and how to videos.

Have you received Trip Advisor's hall of Fame certificate?

Yes, every year it has been made available in Thailand.

What qualifications does your class instructor have?

Chef Lee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. She has completed University courses in everything she teaches. She helped her grandma in her restaurant at the age of 5 years old cooking Thai food.  She holds a Thailand Government Department of Skills level 1 chef certificate.

Is the Class taught in English?

Chef Lee may well be the Thai native cooking class instructor with the best English skills.

How many students are in your average class?

On average our class is 8 or fewer students.

Are children allowed in class?

Yes, we welcome families and our young students being they are the future chefs.

Can I bring my spouse to take photographs while I cook?

Yes, but everyone in the classroom must pay for the class.

Can I come to class by sky train or underground train?

Not currently but this infrastructure is being constructed right now so sometime in 2020 we believe you can.

Can I take photos in class?

Yes, take all the pictures or videos you desire but note we provide video for you in our online recipe book.

Do you provide a pickup service?

No, only the schools that are very hard to find offer a pick-up service.

How do I come to your location?

You need to come by taxi. See our Bangkok Taxi  Service page for Bangkok’s taxi options.

Will you arrange me a ride Back?

Yes, we will arrange a taxi for you to your next destination.  ALternatively, you can request we call you a taxi to take you to the water taxi.

I have food allergies can I come to class?

Yes, you may come to class.  Simply advise your chef in the class of your dietary restrictions and your individual ingredients will be adjusted accordingly.

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

Yes, bring an appetite everything else is provided.

What should first time Thailand visitor's know about Thailand?

Please see our 1st time Thailand page for some info you should know before coming to Thailand.

What can you tell me about Thai Culture?

Please see our Thailand Culture page for some cultural information.

Can you tell me about doing business in Thailand?

Please see our Doing Business in Thailand page.