If you have travel insurance you can go to either Gov’t or International hospitals but know most all insurance plans are on pay now and request reimbursement when you return home. This means you pay the hospital and send your bills to your insurer and they, in turn, send it to your Government insurer provider and then refund you after your government accepts and confirms how much they will cover.

In simple terms – If you suffer food poisoning you will receive the same medical treatment at a Thai Gov’t hospital as you would at an international hospital. The cost for the Gov’t hospital will be near $30 U.S. while the same treatment at an international hospital will be $1,000 U.S.

For simple illness, a Thai Gov’t hospital is the way to go. For serious injury (broken body parts or head injuries) by all means go to an international hospital!

My 2nd food poisoning going to a Thai Gov’t hospital cost more for the Tuk Tuk ride to and from the hospital than the hospital treatment. L.O.L.

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