Chef LeeZ cooking class Bangkok

has received every Excellence Award.

Student review ranked as

Bangkok’s #1 cooking class!

# 1 every year since 2011!



Over 1700 organic 5-star student reviews have earned us T.A.’s #1 ranking for over 12 consecutive years!


Over (95%) of all student reviews are 5-star reviews.

We promise to continue to deliver excellence in every class!

When in Bangkok take our world-famous Daily 12-Diah Cooking Class.

Learn 12-dishes from scratch in our world-famous 10 AM  hands-on just like grandma-made it cooking class.

One dish at a time you prep ingredients, then cook the dish, then eat your creation.

Chef LeeZ cooking class Bangkok is student review ranked as Thailand’s #1 cooking class (over 1700 5-star reviews).  #1 every year for over 12 consecutive years!

Everyone is welcome: meat lovers, vegans, vegetarians, people with food allergies, families with children, virgin cooks, and accomplished chefs. We adjust your ingredients according to your dietary restrictions or I don’t eat this or that.

Smaller classes (max 8 students) make for a very personal learning experience.

The business owner Chef Lee teaches all classes. The classes are taught in our stainless steel and air-conditioned classroom.

All students receive FREE access to our online recipe book of over 70+ recipes plus access to our how-to videos (a 500 baht value FREE).

After class we can assist you with your taxi to either your next destination or alternatively at your option, you can have your taxi take you to the nearby water taxi  (Thai commuter boat taxi) where 20 baht will give you a true Thai cultural commute experience to any destination along the canal all the way to victory monument near Khao San Road.

Contact us to arrange private classes.  Private as in family outings and small groups (4-person

minimum charge).


Team building in Bangkok (1o people minimum charge).