Chef LeeZ cooking class Bangkok

has received every Excellence Award.

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Bangkok’s #1 cooking class!

# 1 every year since 2011!




Over (95%) of all student organic reviews are 5-star reviews.


Over 1600 reviews have earned us this ranking!


We promise to continue to deliver excellence in every class!

When in Bangkok take our world-famous Cooking Class.

New Nov. 2022 – Daily 5-dish 10 AM cooking class.


DAILY 4-hour, 12 dishes, 10 AM cooking class. Thsi class only a few specific dates where it is available as it is being replaced by the 5-dish class.


Contact us to arrange private classes.  Private as in family outings and small groups (6 people minimum charge).


Team building in Bangkok (15 people minimum charge). or more details if this is your interest.