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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“Do Not Miss” Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 1130

“Do Not Miss” Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 1130

Chef LeeZ Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 1130

“A class not to be missed!”

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
Jan 09th, 2017  Reviewed by MTluvs2travel
I signed up my husband and I for this class. He is very particular about cooking and has strong opinions, so this was either going to go really well, or really bad. Chef Leez really won him over with her knowledge of both both Grandma’s perspective of cooking family recipes, as well as the restaurant industry secrets. If you love cooking, are a chef, or just someone who loves good food, Chef Leez cooking classes will be worth your time and $.

Owner’s Response

Chef LeeZ Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 1130. Chef Lee is possibly the only Thai Native cooking class instructor with  a university degree. She may well be the only one who has also completed university cooking classes for that she teaches. she also brings to the table cooking skills taught her by her grandmother in grandma’s restaurant and her mother’s cooking skills from market selling cooked wares. Chef Lee has also travelled U.S.A. and Canada so she knows what products are available in supermarkets an specialty store there. you learn all the techniques, tips and tricks required to create gourmet Thai cuisine when you return by way of the varied 12 dishes taught in a single. class.

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