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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“Fun & Informative” Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 913

“Fun & Informative” Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 913

Chef LeeZ Bangkok Thai Cooking Class Review 913

“Great fun, Great class”

5 of 5 starsFeb 9th, 2017  Reviewed by CEHKE
This class was fun and very informative with many new tips on how to prep and handle the ingredients to get great results. Chef LeeZ was very accommodating making vegan and vegetarian versions of the dished for some of the other students and getting ingredients for an additional dish I requested we cook. After the class she organized our return to downtown by water taxi over the canals. Thank you for a great class chef!

Owners Response

Chef LeeZ Bangkok Thai Cooking Class is for everyone. Meat lovers, vegans, vegetarians, families with children, people with food allergies, virgin cooks and accomplished chefs can be found in nearly every group class. We adjust each students ingredients to their dietary requirements. Have a special dish that’s not in the class? Simply ask for it in class and if ingredients are on hand and time allows it will be added to the 12 dishes you learn in class. The water taxi return to your next Bangkok activity is an adventure all on its own but it is not part of the class so see our website page regarding same if you wish to experience it.

By Cehke

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