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Team Building Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1082

Team Building Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1082

Chef LeeZ Team Building Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1082

“Great team-building exercise and I learnt some new cooking skills”

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
Nov 30, 2017  Reviewed by EbensoJ
A group of 19 of us attended Chef LeeZ’s class on a Saturday as a fun, leisure and team-building exercise after 5 intensive days of training in Bangkok. 4 1/2 hours of laughing and learning. Chef LeeZ’s friendly manner, combined with her professional skills, made the day very enjoyable even for a poor cook like me! I have never tried cooking Thai food, but with my recipe book and new skills, I will certainly give it a go. Chef LeeZ even mentioned alternative ingredients in the event we can’t find the ones we need back home. I learnt so many of Grandma’s tips that I feel I know Grandma !!!

Owners Response

Chef LeeZ Team Building Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1082 capsulates a Chef LeeZ Class whether as a Team Building exercise or a regular class “a great fun learning exercise”.

You learn in a single hands on from scratch just like grandma made it class what takes 3 classes elsewhere (12 dishes).  Thailand’s Trip Advisor #1 cooking class. #1 every day since 2011! You can’t go wrong with a Chef LeeZ Class.

By EbensoJ

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