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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“Trip Highlight” Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1128

“Trip Highlight” Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1128

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1128

“The highlight of our trip!”

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
Jan 9th, 2017 Reviewed by Andrew W
Chef Lee’s class was by far the highlight of our trip to Bangkok! The class is very professional and the kitchen is spotless! What we loved about this class was that Chef Lee taught us about the history and true culture to Thai Cuisine! There are no shortcuts in her class! She will teach you the true and right way to honor Thai Cuisine! This meant a lot because Thai food is so rich with different flavors, textures, and freshness! Chef Lee not only shows you the right way to cook, she relates things to where you are from so you know what to get and where you might get it, and she also warns of some of the common pitfalls. She is very patient and very informative! We honestly did not want the class to end we had such a great time!!! The best part is everything you make there is delicious and you get to eat it all!!! I would and will suggest her cooking class to all who visit Bangkok!!!!

Owner’s Response

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1128. Many hundreds of reviews claim their Chef Leez Thai Cooking Class experience to be the best experience of their trip.  Hundreds more claim the food they made (from scratch, just like grandma made it) to be the best Thai cuisine they ate anywhere in the world. 12 dishes in a single class! Trip Advisor #1 every day since 2011!

By Andrew W

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