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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“Food Allergies OK” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 1009

“Food Allergies OK” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 1009

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 1009

“AMAZING!! Worth the extra $$”

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
Jul 7th, 2017  Reviewed by Janice T
There are not enough words to express how much I enjoyed this cooking class!!! 12 dishes, great explanations. Accommodations made for allergies. Let me first start by saying Chef LeeZ is AMAZING!!! She has a pure heart, loves teaching and loves cooking. She’s got a great sense of humor, and cares about the food and ingredients, treating them with such respect. The food was excellent. I am hoping I can find all these ingredients in the states, but I loved seeing coconut in it’s raw form and how to make cream and milk from it. As well, I appreciated the scratch-style cooking. And ending with mango sticky rice could not have been a better Happy-Ending!!! As for Chef Leez herself, she is a really kind person. A few of us where a little “off” after cooking, and she helped us get grounded. Also, the taxi took too long and she got in one…traveled with us to the main road and made sure we got in the right taxi/water bus. I cannot say enough kind words about her!!!!

Owners Response

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok is where everyone is welcome. People with food allergies, meat lovers, families with children, vegetarians, vegans, virgin cooks and accomplished chefs are in nearly every 10 am class. We adjust each person ingredients to their personal dietary requirements. You learn 12 dishes in a single hands on from scratch, like grandma made it, class. That would take 3 classes elsewhere. Thailand’s lowest cost per dish (under 200 baht per dish). Thailand’s Trip Advisor #1 cooking class. #1 every day since 2011! Now near 1000 T A reviews.

By Janice T

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