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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“Trip Highlight” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 752

“Trip Highlight” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 752

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 752

“Best cooking class!”

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
Apr 12th, 2017  Reviewed by jocelyn w
I write this review from the last day of my 2 week vacation, and i can say with all honesty it was one of the highlights! Chef Leez is charming and takes a lot of the mystery out of Thai cooking. I had initially booked this class for the day of my arrival to force myself to stay awake, but when a delay at the airport would have made me miss the first hour of class she happily let me attend the next day instead. She had no problem accommodating my shellfish allergy and has worked with a myriad of strange food aversions. And lastly, her courses help fund a charity program for kids, who doesn’t want to help others while learning to make amazing food! All in all, i can’t recommend her class enough!

Owners Response

 Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok average class is less than 8 students and yet we hold Trip Advisors’ cooking class World review record partly because our class is taught by the schools’ owner Chef Lee and her personality and partly because she teaches by way of hands on, from scratch, like grandma did it, so you are exposed to all the tricks and techniques in a single (12 dish learned class) that enable you to create gourmet Thai cuisine when you return home. Chef LeeZ is for everyone. BY adjusting each persons ingredients to their specific dietary requirements people with food allergies and food aversions (vegetarians, vegans) literally everyone can benefit from this class.

By Jocelyn W

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