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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

“SE Asia Trip Highlight” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 916

“SE Asia Trip Highlight” Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 916

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok Review 916

“Highlight of my trip in Southeast Asia!”

 Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
Feb 11, 2017  Reviewed by meredithspoto
I was lucky to take a private class with Chef Leez, because the other group that was supposed to come couldn’t make it. My friends had just left to go back to the States and I had a few more days to spend in Thailand, so it was just me. Getting to the school was a bit challenging (TBH, getting anywhere in Bangkok is pretty darn challenging) but it was COMPLETELY worth it and Chef Leez even spoke to the driver to make sure he was taking the right route. I learned to make a TON of dishes. Even though I wasn’t able to take the morning class and see the market, I felt like I got a lot out of spending the whole three or so hours in the kitchen. Chef Leez speaks very fluently and is also hilarious, which is a bonus, and she’s amazing at explaining the techniques in a way that keep everything simple and easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone–I’m sure would be great even for children, since it was so accessible! Also, come super hungry, because it was the best meal I ate in Bangkok and I’m sure it will be yours as well.

Owners Response

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok is Trip Advisor’s Thailand #1 cooking class. #1 every day since 2011! Our average class is less than 8 students yet we hold Trip Advsior’s World review record.  What does that tell you about class content and delivery? Please read our Bangkok Taxi page to understand your taxi options in Bangkok. Show your driver our directions map for the quickest least expensive route to the school.  We do not have a market visit in any of our classes as we fully explain your ingredients in class. You should never skip breakfast it is the most important meal of the day as it feeds the brain.

By meredithspoto

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