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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Thailand Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1157

Thailand Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1157

“Trip Highlight” Thailand Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1157

Best cooking class ever

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Trip Advisor 5 Circle rating
  Feb 8, 2018, Reviewed by RoseJane42
We attended the 10-2 class where you make approximately 12 dishes. It was amazing!!! Chef Leez was fantastic. She explained things very well but didn’t dwell on the unimportant details. We gained an understanding of Thai cooking from her that I couldn’t get unless I worked or lived in a Thai persons house. The food itself was actually the best Thai food I’ve eaten in my life. We used fresh ingredients and she showed us the best ways to prepare them. So the food was fantastic. We were given recipes and online resources as well. Overall the best thing we did in Thailand. Note: the place is a bit difficult to get to. Try and get a taxi driver to use the directions from the website but allow at least an hour to get there. Worth the travel though.

Owner’s Response

Thailand Thai Cooking Class Bangkok Review 1157. 12 dishes in a single class. That takes 3 classes elsewhere. Trip Advisor’s #1 cooking class. #1 every day since 2011! Hundreds of reviews claim their Chef LeeZ experience to be the best activity of their Thailand trip. hundreds more claim the food they made in class to the best Thai cuisine they have eaten anywhere in the world.  Show your driver our map for the shortest route to the school. read our bangkok Taxi services page for taxi options and consider TAXI OK for your ride to us. We are easy to find and are 30 to 45 minutes from all popular tourist lodgings.

By RoseJane42

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