Celebration Pollution

Celebrations’ = Pollution!

Humans, as a species, have used: rhythm, song, dance and feasts to celebrate whenever something was felt to be worthy of a celebration.

Unfortunately, the current human population DEMANDS WE CHANGE how we, as a species, celebrate events for the simple reason our celebrations are literally killing the planet!

The Christian Christmas celebrations are ranked as the #1 most environmentally damaging celebration of all celebrations!

Our review of various celebrations begins with a series on how to reduce or eliminate your Christmas environmental footprint. Yes, enjoy Christmas without a footprint! It can be accomplished and it’s up to you by your participation and sharing to help make this happen!

International Women’s Day

Expansion and inclusion of human rights for all people is a necessary human obligation.

This story – International Women’s Day – We’re not done till females everywhere are 100% equal!


The following Merry Christmas

web-stories show how easy it can be to reduce your festive celebrations’ environmental footprint.

The Pollution-free Christmas Stories begin with

13 ways to reduce your xmas footprint.

They expand to provide examples of the solutions and how to implement them.

is a web-story that demonstrates 13 ways to reduce your Christmas environmental footprint.  You simply have to do it!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Please consider making a donation to a charity in the name of your intended gift receiver. You leave no environmental footprint and help fellow humans at the same time.

Merry Christmas! E-CARDS are an environmentally friendly option for mailing paper Christmas cards. Each year snail-mailed paper Christmas cards placed end to end will circle the earth more than 5 times!

MERRY CHRISTMAS – 30% of the food created for celebrations ends up in the garbage. That’s right 30% to the dump! You can change this! Create 30% less food for your celebrations. E Z as that!

Merry Christmas! If you believe a tree is a must-have … have you considered a live potted XMAS tree. Are you using led lights? Did you use recyclable decorations? It’s up to you! You can reduce your footprint?