Experience Thailand

Experience Thailand


Experience Thailand - Elephant Eye

is a collection of Thailand stories presented as individual Google web-stories providing Travellers with some useful insights into some of Thailand’s experience options.  It is our prejudiced position that says this: ” Chef LeeZ believes Trip Advisor to be the only online travel agency that monitors reviews. This means all other reviews can easily be faked!  for example, Yelp research suggests 80% of reviews are from FRIENDLY sources.

Here’s one for you.. Chef LeeZ, Bangkok’s #1 cooking class has requested a review of our classes by “Lonely Planet” every year for the past 11 years.  Despite being ranked by their competition as the best #1 cooking class in Bangkok every year since 2011 and having over 1600 organic 5-star reviews you can not find Chef LeeZ in “Lonely Planet” Bangkok cooking class options.  What does that tell you? Does Lonely Planet have a wheel to grease before they do a site inspection? I don’t know .. just saying .. do your research or do as we do when travelling and that arrives without an agenda and go with the flow. In Thailand where time is “Thai Time” learning to go with the flow is in itself an experience that is known to be life-altering.

Gack Fruit, Spiny Bitter Gourd.

Experience Thailand – Gack Fruit / Spinny Bitter Gourd

Your Thailand Experience should include checking out its many weird and wonderful fruit and vegetables. This Web-story, Spiny Bitter Gourd, is not common to the street markets. We raise them for the colors it adds to our garden canopy and for the squirrels and birds to also enjoy. When ripe we take them to various elders we know. Young Thai’s appear to have never acquired the taste for this eye-catching vegetable.

Check out the related story for more pictures of the inside of this strange gourd.

Thailand’s BEST  #1 Cooking Class  – Chef LeeZ

Chef LeeZ is celebrating more than 10 consecutive years as Thailand’s Best cooking class in Bangkok. Ranked # 1 by our over 1600 organic student 5-star reviews.  Best #1 Thailand Bangkok cooking class every year since 2011!

Experience Thailand – Songkran – Thai New Year

When visiting Thailand in mid-April you can participate in a totally wet fun experience. It happens all over Thailand but in Bangkok, to keep the pollution to a small area, such as KhowSan RD.  This .5 km of two lane road will be packed heel to toe with Thai’s and foreigners. This is one of the very few times that Thai’s “let down their hair” so to speak and relax into a hot day water soaking party. COVID19 cancelled Songkran 2020 and Bangkok banned it’s celebration gatherings for 2021.

Experience Thailand – BKK public parks

When visiting Thailand you should experience morning walks in one or more of the many Bangkok multi-way parks. The images in this story were taken in the water park off Seri Thai Rd and Soi 57 during the month of February.

Medical Cannabis 


Experience Thailand series – Medical Cannabis – takes a look into medical cannabis in Thailand. This story will be updated as the Thai cannabis experiment ages.

Thailand’s COVID 19  Round 2


Experience Thailand series – COVID 19 Round 2  – This story demonstrates it takes only 1 COVID infected person to create a pyramidal domino effect. Zero infections to 1000 infected in less than 2 weeks.

Alley 19 – Morning Street Food


Experience Thailand series – Alley19 – is a hidden gem with ancient family recipes being served as take away or sit down. Come to your Chef LeeZ class early and sample Alley19 cuisines before class.

Black Chicken Soup


Black Chicken Soup is made from black chickens. Black Chickens’ feathers, skin, meat, bones and guts except for the heart are all black. The heart is a normal chicken heart color.

 Joke / Congie is a Thai Cultural Breakfast


Experience Thailand- joke or Congie. Is a very common and inexpensive Thai breakfast. cost per serving is near $0.75 U.S. per street vendor serving. Reboiled yesterday’s rice with assorted condiments that can include chicken, fried ground beef crumbles, chicken feet, spring onion greens etc.

Street Markets


Experience Thailand | Street Markets | Chef LeeZ introduction to Thailand’s street markets.. Chef LeeZ cooking class Bangkok 4 hr 12 dish 10 AM class includes a street market tour.

Thailand 50% discount


Thailand Gov’t, in a response to COVID 19, has set up and made available to all its citizens a system allowing merchants to sell to citizens for 50% of the cost with the merchant receiving 50% coming from the gov’t.