Welcome to Chef LeeZ Automated Reservation System.

We promise to always deliver excellence in all aspects of your Chef LeeZ Bangkok cooking class experience!

Organic student review ranked as Best Bangkok cooking class! Best cooking class in Bangkok every year since 2011!

That’s more than 12 consecutive years as Thailand’s Bangkok’s #1 cooking class. Thank you students for sharing!

How to reserve your class:


  1. Simply navigate to the month and date you desire and click on it.
  2. from the pop up select the class you desire.
  3. Bangkok 10 AM class enter the number of students for your class group.
  4. provide the payment information requested as this info becomes your FREE Chef LeeZ recipes and video account access.

If you are experiencing payment difficulty Contact Chef LeeZ regarding the problem or call +66 086 568 1311 9 AM – 5 PM daily.

Canceling your class a minimum of 24 hours before your class earns a full refund minus 200 baht per participant in refund charges not refunded by the various payment gateways.