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Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok

Chef LeeZ – FAQS

Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok

FAQS –  “T.I.T.”  This is Thailand

  FAQS Chef LeeZ Thai Cooking Class Bangkok is:

  1.     Thailand’s lowest cost per dish learned cooking class – Chef LeeZ is less than 200 baht per dish learned the other Thailand schools average 300 to 400 baht per dish.
  2.    where you learn in a single class (12 dishes) what takes 3 classes elsewhere
  3.    Thailand’s Trip Advisor # 1 school every day since 2011!
  4.    Trip Advisor’s Earth cooking class 4 year review record holder.  Near 800 reviews.
  5.    where your reservation fee includes free access to our on line recipe book of over 70 meat & vegan Thai cuisine recipes.
  6.     the school that received T A’s Certificate of Excellence every year T A  issued a certificate for Thailand Thai Cooking Class .
  7.     possibly the only Thailand cooking school  Thai Native class instructor with a University degree. Chef Lee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration
  8.     the Thai native cooking class instructor with the highest level of English language especially so when it comes to cooking related English.
  9.   likely the only Thai native cooking class instructor to have taken university courses in everything she teaches
  10.  likely the only Thai native cooking class instructor to hold a Thai Gov’t Dept of skills level 1 chef certificate
  11.  quit possibly the only Thai cooking school where it is about your learning experience rather than processing the maximum number of students for profit. Our average group class is less than 8 students and is often only 2 or 3 students. Hmm …does that say something about our being T. A. #1 Thailand school and review record holder!

 Coming To Class –   Schools offering pick up service are schools with locations that are very difficult for a taxi driver to find.  Chef LeeZ is very easy to find. Simply say: “Seri Thai Rd, Soi 57”.  We do not offer a pick up service because the time required and the cost for you to get to a pick up center is nearly the same as coming directly to the school and if for any reason you miss the pick up deadline you are then adding an additional taxi ride to your time and expense.  Please see our location page for detailed descriptions and directions map which we recommend you print or download for presentation to your taxi driver as it is the best route to our school. See our taxi page for detailed info on getting around BKK and taxi options.

 Bangkok Taxi Information – As a tourist in Thailand you are at the mercy of Thailand’s Taxi drivers. Their general lack of the English language and the culture 101 – fact of Thai’s gain more face (self importance) the more they rip off from tourists will undoubtedly add to your taxi frustrations. This is a problem tourist face no matter what city in what country they visit.

Bangkok city Taxi are referred to as the “Mafia Taxi” as they on the whole ignore Bangkok Taxi laws. Which simply put are: they can not refuse a fare and they can not decline to run the meter.

Every time you desire a Bangkok city taxi be prepared to ask 5 or 6 taxis to run the meter before you find one that will run the meter or know where you it is that you want to go and not decline the fare. Never get into a taxi not running the meter without a pre-agreed price for the trip. Note you will pay up to 500% more without the meter than with the meter.  Running the meter will not protect you, a tourist, from being run around in circles in the process of getting to your destination.

Many hotels offer their own taxi service and will urge you to use it. They are almost always no meter trips.

Detailed taxi options are listed on our Bangkok Taxi Services Page. If you should feel ripped off you tell the taxi driver you call Tourist Police [tel. 1155 (free call from any phone) or 678-6800] don’t expect the tourist police to speak English but the taxi driver will usually agree to a lower fare or simply drive off as they won’t want to wait for them to arrive.

 Tourista’s – DON’T EAT OR DRINK SHAVED ICE.  Tourista’s or the shits is caused by a tiny organism that lives in water and does not die if frozen. This organism can be different every 100 miles of travel. So do not drink the tap water and do not eat anything with shaved ice. If the ice does not have a hole through the middle don’t drink or eat it. Shaved ice comes from a block of city water.  The block of ice is transported to a shaver facility often on the back of a motorcycle in the open BKK air where it dropped on the concrete floor where the employees and transport walk on the floor in their outside shoes thus BKK’s dirt is transferred to the floor from the bottom of the shoes then it is on the ice as it is lifted from the floor to the shaver machine and bagged and motorcycle transported back through the BKK air, rain and road spalsh and all.

Thai’s have a very different definition of clean from Caucasian westerners right down to washing hands and washing ingredients before preparing them and cooking them.  Cleaning of pots and pans and business inspection is never what would be required for a North American restaurant.  Street food is just plain risky for a foreigner.

Touristas is different from food poisoning in that touristas symptoms include lower intestinal tract cramps 3 to 4 hrs after ingestion and usually within 30 minutes you have the shits. Touristas are treatable with Immodium (or its generic loperamide hydrochloride). Start treatment at the first lower intestinal cramp and that may prevent the shits and your day will not necessarily be ruined. You should also include a regime of activated charcoal following your Immodium as the Immodium stops the cramps and the shits while the charcoal gathers up the bug and removes it from your system.  I lived here now for 10 years and never, never, leave home without Immodium.

Food poisoning on the other hand may start with lower intestinal cramps then the shits but quickly advances to stomach convulsions (puking right down to bile) and includes hot and cold flashes and sweats. You are physically and mentally in trouble. Food poisoning is best treated by a hospital and can kill so you need to take it seriously and seek medical treatment.

Eating at expensive highly reputable restaurants is no guarantee you will not get food poisoning there.  Part of the reason is Thai culture 101– Thai culture is non confrontational and that means if Thais are poisoned they do not tell the restaurant and seek retribution but rather they tell everyone they know and hopefully that reduces the restaurant’s business and the loss of customers effects a change or closure.  But in reality it means the restaurant continues to poison its patrons as Thai’s do not understand the value of repeat customers.  In fact if you become a regular customer you will notice the size of your dishes shrinking until you decide not to go back there anymore.

Thai Culture 101 – Coming Soon.

Thai Culture is over 2500 years in the making and is generally a mixture superstition and propaganda which is often kinda comical – example being – Thai Culture is non confrontational – so my Thai native wife would not confront the nationally famous Thai restaurant that food poisoned me but would make a special trip to a 7 11 and demand they give me my game stamps for the small purchase I made. T.I.T.

Bangkok’s Hospitals; Government vrs International – If you have travel insurance you can go to either Gov’t or International hospitals but know most all insurance plans are on a pay now and request reimbursement when you return home. This means you pay the hospital and send your bills to your insurer and they in turn send it to your Government insurer provider and then refund you after after your government accepts and confirms how much they will cover.

In simple terms – If you suffer food poisoning you will receive the same medical treatment at a Thai Gov’t hospital as you would at an international hospital.  The cost for the Gov’t hospital will be near $30 U.S. while the same treatment at an international hospital will be $1,000 U.S.

For simple illness a Thai Gov’t hospital is the way to go.  For serious injury (broken body parts or head injuries) by all means go to an international hospital!

My 2nd food poisoning going to a Thai Gov’t hospital cost more for the Tuk Tuk ride to and from the hospital than the hospital treatment. L.O.L.

The Truth About SUGAR! Which is better, healthier white sugar or brown sugar? If you said neither is healthier you would be correct.  White sugar is brown sugar with the colorant, molasses, removed.  So some sources of sugar are sweeter than others and there is a taste difference between different sources. Which is to say you would use less agave syrup for the same sweetness as brown sugar. So it’s pretty much a matter of your taste preference when it comes to sugar.

Chef LeeZ Educational Gardens Page – We are building a how to video selection related to gardening as our pool side demonstration garden progresses covering such things as Hydroponics,  Aeroponics,  Aquaponics, Mushrooms, Vertical Wall Gardens and more.





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