Facebook Live Webinar Cooking Classes

Chef LeeZ Facebook Live cooking class

Facebook Live Webinar Cooking Classes

Facebook Live Webinar Cooking Class


Chef LeeZ is providing FREE Facebook Live webinar cooking classes in response to COVID-19 closure of our Bangkok cooking school.

Chef LeeZ first ever FACEBOOK LIVE COOKING CLASS broadcast live April 23, 2020, 8 AM Bangkok time. This class taught Tom Yum Chili Paste and Tom Yum Soup.  For a first-ever LIVE class, I think Chef Lee nailed it! The webcam production pixelates with every movement resulting in our changing the camera for the next Facebook Live cooking class webinar.

Our 2nd  LIVE FACEBOOK CLASS  is scheduled for 8 AM BKK time Tuesday,  April 28, 2020. This class will teach how to make Coconut Cream and Coconut Milk plus Sticky Rice Mango.

All our past and scheduled webinar video links are available on our website webinar page. You can sign up to receive email notification of upcoming cooking class webinars.

Using Facebook Live.

We are sharing our using Facebook LIVE as a webinar experience with hopes that it will save you some time and frustration.

Creating an event and posting the event

Our first Facebook Live event was set up from our home page. Our second live event is now set up from one of our pages. We elected to do this as there are more options with a sub-page event creation than a home page creation.

  • The first step is to create an event, post it.
  • The 2nd step is to create a post sharing the event.
  • The 3rd step is to share the event and its related post with all your followers/friends, website, and all your social media, newsletters etc.

 Cook while watching the live cooking class vrs cooking from the published video.

Facebook LIVE webinars are not about how many people watch it live but rather how many views the resulting video receives after the class. This is especially true for cooking classes as trying to anticipate the time required for people watching it live to do the steps during the webinar is literally impossible from a presenter’s perspective. On the other hand, watching the live presentation and then creating the dishes by watching the resulting video allows your audience to pause the video and rewind as desired so they can proceed at their own speed.

Downloading the published video.

It took a lot of time searching and testing software to find a program that would download Facebook videos but we finally found one, https://en.savefrom.net/. Now we can edit the video and repost the video.  There may be some existing linking between the event announcement and the event post and the actual video post that will be lost if you repost an edited version. Thus we suggest you do more research on this aspect before editing and posting a video that is not directly automatically connected to the event announcement and its post.

The time required to do the class presentation.

Our first-class took twice as long (an hour) as was originally thought it would take (30 minutes).  So if staying to a time restriction is required you will want to rehearse your presentations. We do not rehearse as Chef Lee has done 1,000’s of classes live in Chef LeeZ Bangkok classroom. The original guestimate on the time required is my bad, not Chef Lee.


LIVE Facebook on Android phones can only be created with a portrait image regardless of starting the video on an android device in the landscape position or portrait. If started in the landscape the video will be compiled in a sideways portrait view. We have not found a way to download the sideways landscape video and rotate it. Let us know if you know how to do this.

For our first Live Facebook, we ran 3 cameras in addition to the laptop webcam producing the live video. We did so partly because you can not move the camera doing Live production as it causes the production to pause.  There is no zooming in or out or centering things happening to the left or right of center with FACEBOOK LIVE.

1) The video camera ran out of battery and the picture from this camera was grainy and pixelates far too much so we won’t use it again.

2) Our Android phone camera ran out of space on the storage card. This prompted me to delete some content and I guess I agreed because there was no footage of the class on the data card for me to download.  Luckily it had already been uploaded to the internet so I have some of it if not all of it.

3) GoPro captured it all but in fisheye.  This wouldn’t normally be a problem except the GoPro Studio software is not installed on my current laptop and that was the software that allowed me to remove the fisheye from the processed video and zoom in up to 3 times closer.  The GoPro people no longer support that software and it is not available to download and the new software offers neither of these options. GoPro give your head a shake!

Of all the cameras including the web camera on the PC, the GoPro was the clearest image but in fisheye.  I have now changed the GoPro setting so it is no longer in fisheye (wide mode).

Our built-in laptop webcam pixellates with movement when recording so now I need to research how to use an outside camera such as the GoPro to record the next live video to Facebook.

Chef LeeZ

Student Care. This article will be updated regularly as we discover more to share with you.



Updated April 24th, 2020