Thai Culture – Family

renovating 3 bedroom apartment above morning street market

Thai Culture – Family

This is a TRUE story!

(T.I.T. This Is Thai Family Culture!)

Our Thailand FAMILY home was moved onto a piece of land approximately 30 years ago based on a handshake agreement. This land could be purchased by our family at any time at a pre-agreed price. This person passed away. The new owner continued the arrangement. He died.
A fake will took 7 years to clear up. The grandkids of the original person with whom the agreement was struck inherited the land.

The New owners (the grandkids)

want $11.000 baht ($350 U.S.) for rent. There are no services to the land. Our family had an arrangement with one of the neighbours for water. A different neighbour provided access to electricity. Access to the property is by a private road. The developer has the legal right to deny road access to anyone and everyone at any time! He has already done so. The grandkids can no longer access their properties by road!

FYI-  a 30-year-old 4 bedroom concrete house on a fully serviced lot and government road access would rent for $14,000 baht ($450 U.S.) per month.

In Anticipation of This Specific Scenario

Chef Lee relocated her cooking class business,, so it was only a few Km’s from the family home. A commercial/residential property was purchased. Renovations began. A 3 bedroom foreigner-style apartment was included in the renovation design.

3 bedroom apartment above commercial business operations

All 8 members (3 generations)

of our immediate Thai family (grandpa, 4 of his 7 children, daughter-in-law and son’s mother-in-law plus a 10 yr old grandchild), have now moved into the 3 bedroom apartment above the cooking school and the west half of the cooking school. They will be tearing down their termite-ridden wooden home and selling it as parts.

This is how Family works in Thai Culture!

Is this how your culture treats family?

We would love to see you in a cooking class.

Chef LeeZ cooking class with 4 students

Chef LeeZ wishes you a safe and healthy year!
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